A Simple Guide to Mastering Sic Bo

A Simple Guide to Mastering Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated from ancient China, and has gained massive popularity in recent years, especially within the current gambling epicentre of the world, Macau.

The game can be found across the world, and makes use of three dice and a unique table layout. Like many other games of the same nature, Sic Bo is completely dependent on luck due to the fact that the players are using dice.

Despite the luck-based element of Sic Bo, it is possible to better the odds of winning at the game by making use of these simple yet effective strategies, many of which can be used in other similar titles, such as real money online bingo UK games.

1. Bet on Big or Small

Arguably the biggest factor when trying to achieve better luck at Sic Bo, betting on either Big or Small is key. The player will need to bet that the total score of the dice once rolled is from 4 to 10 and then from 11 to 17 respectively.

These kinds of Sic Bo bets generally pay out 1:1 – although this can depend on the rules of the casino being played at – and it also tends to have the smallest house edge at around 2.76%.

2. Avoid Triples

Betting on a triple and winning is a fairly rare occurrence, and one that should be avoided as much as possible. It essentially means that the player correctly predicted the only number that has come up on all three dice at once.

The triple bet is among the most difficult to land, and is worth 180:1, but the high payout comes with just as much risk, enough to make the triple bet the riskiest wager that can be made in the game. New players to the game are advised to avoid the triple bet wherever possible, as it’s easy to sink a lot of cash into the wager without seeing any tangible returns at all.

3. There’s No Guarantee

Sic Bo is designed in such a way that everything is always up to luck, and there’s no real way of reducing the house edge through any kind of betting system; the casino will inevitably win due to the nature of the house edge.

This is important to remember when getting into the game: there’s no 100% fool proof way to win a wager, and it’s best to always remember that wins and losses will come and go.

4. Don’t Place House Edge Bets

Sic Bo functions on the laws of probability, meaning that it is possible to figure out the odds of landing certain scores when playing. This is a good reason to avoid making any large, unnecessary bets that have a large house edge.

Some bets may seem to have good odds, but they are also usually accompanied by a fairly large house edge. 30:1 is a good example, as this bet has a house edge of 13.9%.

It’s best to learn how the game works, and implement small, personal strategies here and there without too much financial investment to start with.