How to Play Craps as a Beginner

How to Play Craps as a Beginner

Craps is one of the most unique casino games you will ever encounter. At land based casinos, it is always the craps table that has the most people gathered around it cheering and whooping. This is a social game like no other, and this social aspect can even be found when you play it online.

If you’ve already played craps yourself, you will know how exciting it is to watch the shooter roll in some red hot luck! If you are new to craps, you will need some solid knowledge of strategy if you want to make the most of your bankroll. Here are our top tips for mastering craps as a beginner.

Recommended Bets for Novices

Just like when the best online games, the best craps strategies out there are based on making smart bets and game management decisions. These decisions will ultimately improve your chances of winning big while also teaching you how to master the game.

There are a few craps bets with a low house edge that we recommend for beginner players. Placing a bet on a shooter is the first one, and it’s a good idea to make either a Pass Line bet with full odds or a Come bet with full odds at this point. Both of these bets offer tiny house edges of just 1.41%, meaning they are the most likely to make you a profit.

Pass Lines, One Comes and More

You can also place bets when you are the shooter in your round. The bets we recommend for this scenario are a Pass Line bet with full odds, a One Come bet with full odds, or Another Come bet with full odds. Be sure to wager at full odds that you can comfortably afford. Once you have placed your wager, you may be lucky enough to score a hot roll. In this case, spread your bets to all numbers and boost your Pass Line and Come bets to further increase your winning chances.

The Don’t Come and Don’t Pass Bets have marginally better house edges of 1.36% compared to their opposites. The best strategy with these bets is to wager on the table minimums on Don’t Pass and Don’t Come, and then lay your odds to hit your predetermined bet total. This strategy gives you the overall lowest house edge in your game, but remember that the bet total can grow quite big, even if you begin with bare minimum bets.

Managing Your Bankroll Well

Possibly the most important tip for mastering craps is learning how to master your bankroll. If you place wagers that are too large for your bankroll, you will end up having to leave the table far sooner than necessary.

Placing large or unnecessarily expensive bets with poor odds is a good way to end up with losses instead of returns! The idea here is to play smart and bet according to your own personal budget. Consider working out a ratio that works well for you and you will always have enough cash to play your favourite game with.