What To Expect From Next Gen Consoles

What To Expect From Next Gen Consoles

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are slowly coming to an end, and a new generation is expected to be released over the coming year. The new generation, which includes both new iterations of the PlayStation and the Xbox, are expected to be the most powerful consoles of all time, boasting some of the best processing speeds ever put into home gaming. On top of that, a number of state-of-the-art features will be released as part of the consoles, allowing for a new age of gaming to be ushered in. For those that are looking to buy one of the new consoles set for release, these are some of the features that can be expected.

Increased Power

Thanks to the adoption of AMD as the engine behind both the Xbox and PS, we can expect much better performance as compared to last generation. The PlayStation 5 will be powered by an 8 Core AMD chipset, along with NAVI graphics, while Xbox will be using the Zen 2 architecture line-up, which they say will be four times more powerful than the One X. Along with this, the release of new graphical technologies like ray tracing, which adds advanced lighting details to CGI, promises a new class of visual gaming that will be comparable to the CGI found in high production 3D animation.

Gamers will also be able to play games with a 120Hz refresh rate, as well as 4K resolution as the new standard, although there are rumours that both consoles will be able to support up to 8K, perfect for gaming, movies, or New Zealand bingo games. Along with RAM upgrades, perhaps the biggest jump in performance will come from the SSD technology that will become the standard in terms of storage. This also means that the consoles will potentially have much longer lifespans as they begin to adopt technology with fewer moving parts, meaning a lower chance of experiencing a breakage.

Backwards Compatibility

While this isn’t a new feature per se, Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that their consoles will be supporting backwards compatibility. In fact, the new Xbox will be capable of playing games as far back as the 360, which means that gamers will have a selection of hundreds of different games to choose from. 4K support also means that many of these games will look better than ever, and thanks to the SSD coming standard with the Xbox, load times will be significantly reduced. And while the PS5 will also be offering backwards compatibility, it won’t be as far back as the Xbox, so there’s no chance of enjoying games quite as far back.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is the next big step in providing high quality games across the world, and it’s a technology that Sony and Microsoft have implemented in their online services. While neither company has released any concrete information on what we can expect from their cloud gaming services, it has been confirmed that they will benefit from the current upgrade to the new 5G networks, which will be able to offer speeds many times faster than what we have now, and a smoother gaming experience.