How Hard Is It To A Port Console Game To A PC?

How Hard Is It To A Port Console Game To A PC?

Porting games is a challenging task for devs, even if they’re porting onto the same platform that they manufacture their games on the PC. As Disparity Games co-founder Jason Stark points out, “gamers always ask, ‘Why can’t they simply release the version that they develop with?’ Then, when developers do just issue a release [that] and it’s a mess, they ask: ‘Why are developers so sluggish?’ Well,” says Stark. “It’s as they issued what they had.”

Think about the different many components that make up your set-up. Each runs on drivers which may or may not be up to date and work with one another in complicated ways. Throw a game which hasn’t had much troubleshooting into this mess of software and hardware. It’s no wonder that tweaking game settings is a base of PC gaming.

The Distinction Between A ‘Good’ And ‘Bad’ PC Release

Against this background, the distinction between a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ PC release can really come down to how much time and money you are able to throw at your title. Bringing a game to consoles is challenging. However at least you know that a bug on your Xbox One is going to take place on every Xbox One.

When you port your game, you’re basically creating a unique version of it. This means that every platform a developer makes a decision to launch on essentially multiplies their present and future workload. When you launch on a number of different platforms, your capability to react to suggestions or complaints slows.

You need to test updates and patches on every platform that you support prior to release. You’re constantly making sure that something you did to improve one version doesn’t break another. And, after all that, you still have to go through the arcane series of checks and balances console manufacturers need.

How Much Does It Actually Cost To Port A Game?

According to a survey conducted recently, 48% of gamers own one or two gaming platforms. This means that if your game is limited to a particular platform, you’ll ultimately lose a large chunk of the audience who doesn’t have it at their household.

Porting a game opens it to a much wider audience and gives your players quite a lot more flexibility. Much like the best sports betting guides online it ensures that everyone can get in on the action. However, the price of game porting varies based upon many factors. It may involve a lot of time and resources to finish or it can take just a short couple of hours to get done. The higher demand for developers who specialise in the field and resources required for the procedure has led to the cost of their services rising significantly.

Conversely, the pandemic lockdown caused remote work to become pervasive. This has made sure that international cooperation between game developers is far easier. That’s why under these conditions, it is a lot easier to find a great expert to assist you with porting for a lower than average porting game fee.