What Are The Best Games To Play At Casino Night?

What Are The Best Games To Play At Casino Night?

Are you aware that casino gaming is the fastest-growing segment of the hospitality industry? In order to have a phenomenal party first begin with some amazing invitations that are focused on a casino theme. Great casino-themed decorations and accessories adds to the theme of the casino party.

If you are going to a casino-themed party the expectation is there that you will be a winner.

Before the games begin, announce that prizes will be given to those who have the highest chip count or funny money. When the evening ends everyone goes to the prize table with their winnings and selects their big prize.

Here are a number of fun casino games to play at your next party.


Blackjack: Is a counting game. The idea behind this game is to amass cards that have a total value which is as close to twenty-one – without exceeding this value – as possible.

A player will walk away a winner if his or her hand is closer to 21 than the blackjack dealer’s hand, or if the dealer exceeds 21, this is called busting.

Players are able to take as many cards as they want from the dealer up until they stand (stop taking cards) or bust (if the hand goes over 21). This is a great casino game idea, and it is said that this is one of the best casino games to play where you have an improved chance of winning if you play by the rules.


Craps is one of the absolute best casino games for a casino night party. Those who are not familiar with the game could find it complicated, but its easy to pick up. In this game, a player will roll the dice. The outcome of the dice decides if the player wins or loses. In craps, players themselves decide on their fate as they are spinning a marble. However, in other types of casino games someone else normally turns the wheel or deals the cards for them.

The player who needs to place a bet before game’s first roll is called the shooter. If a particular player wants to become a shooter, then the bet needs to be put down by him/her on the ‘Pass Line’ or – alternatively – ‘Don’t Pass Bar’. As the dice passes in clockwise direction, players need to wait for their turn to play as a shooter.


The most classic poker casino party game is five card draw. To set the mood, make sure that you have your guests wear dark glasses (just not mirrored!) as well as baseball caps just like on TV. Each of the players is dealt five cards. Players then put down their first bet. Cards are then discarded and then replaced by the dealer to better the hand. The second bet is put down and everyone reveals their hand. The winner takes the pot.