How Consoles Will Form Part of The Gaming Future

How Consoles Will Form Part of The Gaming Future

Consoles were the first type of gaming platform that truly made it big. They introduced gaming as a legitimate hobby into mainstream entertainment, and there are millions of people around the world that can attest to the truly nostalgic moments they had when playing their first game of Super Mario Bros. or the Legend of Zelda.

Gaming, since then, has exploded around the world, giving rise to massive publishing companies, international eSports tournaments, and providing almost 3 billion people with a fun and entertaining pastime.

It has even been part of the online gambling revolution that took place some twenty years ago and which is thriving today in the form of online slots and Australian sports betting. There are few other industries that have seen such major success as the world has continued to progress.

But, while consoles long dominated the gaming scene, the personal computer has made a comeback in recent years, offering everything a console can do and more. Which ultimately begs the question, do consoles have a future?

They’ll Probably Remain, But In a Different Way

The biggest thing in online entertainment right now is streaming. Services like Netflix and Deezer have totally changed the way we consume our media, and it’s a trend that looks find its way into every entertainment industry, including consoles.

As far as consoles are concerned, they will probably remain as a part of the industry, but in a different way; eventually becoming nothing more than platforms that allow us to stream our games directly.

Some companies are already working on this tech, such as Sony, where they offer PlayStation owners the chance to stream their games directly from the source. This is especially true as multiplayer games become more prevalent, with the likes of Playerunknowns Battlegrounds being the number one selling game this year so far, setting the standard for online gaming for the immediate future.

Smartphones Gaming Tech

The next potential outcomes for consoles are that they slowly slip more into the mobile industry. Smartphones are more powerful than ever, with some of the latest flagship devices boasting the same processing and graphical power as some consoles, sometimes even more.

Many gaming companies will most likely also begin focusing their attention on mobile gaming, as it’s currently the highest earning platform in gaming, outperforming every other sector of the industry by billions.

We can potentially expect an amalgamation of the two as technology continues to evolve and develop. Consoles as the big boxes next to our televisions that we know today may begin to become smaller and more mobile, eventually being integrated into our future smartphones.

VR Gaming

While it’s been slow to start off, virtual reality gaming may yet have a big impact on the way we enjoy our interactive entertainment.

The biggest drawback right now is that VR gear is prohibitively expensive, but we can already see some VR sets sinking in price, as the technology is refined.