Tips For Winning With eSports Betting

Tips For Winning With eSports Betting

It didn’t take long for the sports betting industry to catch up with international eSports events that began to take place around the world. Although eSports are already a few decades old, it has only been in the last few years that they’ve really taken off across the globe, mostly thanks to the large tournaments that take place every year.

Betting on eSports is very similar to betting on regular sports, with some key differences. Here we will look at some simple tips and tricks that a bettor can employ to see more success with eSports betting in the long-term.

1. Choose A Game Carefully

There is no shortage of games when it comes to the world of eSports, but choosing one over another can have serious implications in how the betting structure works. For games like Dota 2, which are classified as a MOBA, betting will generally focus around taking money out on specific teams and how well they might perform in specific matches.

For other games, including Counter-Strike, betting tends to be more around individual players and their performance in the game. With all the games to choose form, it’s a good idea for a bettor to take the time and find one that suits their betting needs.

2. Aim For Well-Known Tournaments

While it might be tempting to start betting on the local LAN events that take place, it might instead be a better idea to instead start with the larger tournaments that usually take place annually. The International is the official, global tournament that’s hosted by Valve, and sees some of the very best Dota 2 teams in the world battle it out against one another.

An event like this is not only extremely accessible and easy to follow, but it will also be covered by most modern bookmakers, meaning that it’s easy to jump in and find a betting scheme that works well. It’s possible to fall into niche markets as experience is gained, but to start with, the larger events are generally the best bet for beginners.

3. Live Betting Can Be Rewarding

Most people will tend to stick with pre-match betting, or wagers that are taken out prior to the start of an event. But it’s also possible to take full advantage of live betting, which are bets that are made available as the event is going on, similar to what can be found on

This does increase the risk somewhat, but it also gives the bettor the chance to gain the upper hand on the differences between the live odds and the game that’s actually being played. It can take some skill and experience to make the most of live betting, but it will often give the bettor an edge over most other people that are wagering on a specific event.

4. Always Find The Best Odds

Not all bookies work the same, meaning that the overall betting range is quite large for those who take the time to look through it. It’s never a good idea to invest into a single bet all at once, but rather search through the various betting offers that are available on the market and go from there.