A Simple Guide To Betting On eSports

A Simple Guide To Betting On eSports

Considered the fastest growing pastime in the world at the moment, eSports have become immensely popular among both gamers and the fans that watch them.

Covering a wide assortment of different genres, eSports have been on a meteoric rise over the last few years, and many sports betting fans have slowly been transitioning over to the exciting world of eSports betting.

Betting on eSports has become a favourite for both seasoned and beginner bettors, and as bookies from around the internet begin offering more comprehensive betting offers, it’s become vital to learn how eSports betting works and how best to start making use of them. Here we will look at some simple tricks and tips to begin betting on eSports.

Choosing The Right Game

This is one of the most important steps to take when starting out in eSports betting. Before a specific game can be chosen, the bettor will want to first look at the various genres that are on offer. First person shooters are extremely popular, covering games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

MOBAs are arguably the most wagered eSport right now, with titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends being some of the most well-known. The bettor will need to look at which sports are covered by their bookie of choice, which teams and players are the most promising, and what kind of bets are available.

Find a Decent Bookmaker

Online betting can’t be done without first finding a good bookmaker, and there are thousands to choose from, which can make it a difficult task. It’s a good idea to start by doing simple searches online to find bookies that cover the eSport that’s been chosen.

From there, the bettor may want to read through reviews of that specific bookie to understand what other people have experienced by using that specific service.

On top of that, reading through the bookie’s policies, including what will happen when a player is on a winning streak, may provide a good idea of how much money can be made from that bookie without receiving some kind of ban, which has become all too common these days.

Managing a Budget

Any seasoned veteran will know that betting in the long-term can’t be done without a budget, regardless of the type of wagering that’s been done. Simple budgets are easy to put together, and they can be maintained a few times a month without too much hassle.

This is especially important in eSports betting, as there are so many difficult types of betting that can be on offer at any given time, and it can be easy to sink too much money into the wagers that bookies will have on their roster, similar in some ways to Australian slots online.

Keep Track Of Teams

As mentioned earlier, it might be worth keeping an eye on prominent teams and players in the industry. Skilled players in particular, are a good way of betting more successfully more often, but there are many team-based wagers that can also provide good returns. Fortunately, some of the more well-known players and teams are easy to keep up with in the eSports world.