Unusual Casino Tabletop Games

Unusual Casino Tabletop Games

We’ve all heard of Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Poker but what are some of the more unusual casino tabletop games? From Choi Ti Dee to Casino-War we take a closer look at some lesser known table games that are played around the world.

Just be sure that you do your research about these unusual games before giving them a try or you might find yourself losing a lot of money!


Played at a table like that of Blackjack, Casino-War is quite a simple table game. The objective is to have a higher card than the dealer. Casino-War is typically played with six decks with cards ranked the same way they are in poker with the Aces being high value cards.

The interesting part of the game comes when you tie with the dealer. You now have the decision of giving up half your winnings or going to war. In a war another card is dealt to determine if you will win a newly raised bet or lose everything.


An Australian tabletop game, Two-Up uses a piece of wood with indentations to flip two coins. The sides on which the coins land determine the winnings. Players can also bet on a series of flips with each casino changing the rules of the game slightly.

This coin flip game originated in the illegal gambling houses of soldiers and eventually became the official game of the Anzac Day celebrations, a day in which the military service are celebrated in Australia and New Zealand.


A guessing game, Catch-A-Wave is played with eight decks and players need to guess if the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the one that came before. Players win based on the number of cards they guess correctly in the wave, choosing to stop their roll at any time. An incorrect guess means the player loses that wave.

Choi Ti Dee

This rummy style game is typically played with four players and one deck of cards. The aim of the game is to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand with those remaining in your hand at the end of the game accumulating points which count against you. Casinos make money from a game of Choi Ti Dee by charging an hourly fee for the room.


Another way to have fun online, Baccarat is like Blackjack in that a high hand that beats the dealer is the goal. However, Baccarat differs in the way that bets are placed.

In Baccarat your hand is calculated by the addition of the point values of your cards, less the first digit, with the ace always holding a one-point value. The aim is to get a high as score as possible, with the highest score being nine.

Going bust is not possible in Baccarat as it is in Blackjack and as a result players do not decide on whether they would like to hit or stand. Players in Baccarat also don’t only have the option to bet on themselves, but they can also place pets on if they think the dealer will win or if the result will be a tie.