Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge

Casino Games With the Lowest House Edge

The House Edge refers to the mathematical advantage that a gambling game, and thus the casino offering it, has over you as you play over time.


House Edge from 1.5%

You will have three choices at the Baccarat table. Will you bet on the Player hand winning, the Banker hand coming out on top, or a Tie forming? Your best option is to bet on the Player hand since the Banker hand has a fee attached.

Caribbean Stud Poker

House Edge from 5%

If you’ve never played Caribbean Stud, think Stud Poker without the bluffing. You can check your Poker face at the door since while you may be playing at the same time as others, the only opponent you need to beat is the house.

Placing an Ante bet will kick things off, and then you are invited to look at the dealer’s up-facing card before you place another bet in order to view the ones you have been dealt. There is a potentially very profitable extra feature in Caribbean Stud, too, the Jackpot wager. Place one of your chips on the JP box for a chance to win really big if you see the potential for a Royal Flush!


House Edge between 1.4% and 5%

Craps is not just one of the most thrilling casino games on The Strip, but a very exciting one at online sites as well. The house edge will change depending on what bet you make, with the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come wagers seeing it drop down to just 1.4%.

Single-Deck Blackjack

House Edge from 1.5%

As far as Blackjack variants go, the number of decks make all the difference! A hugely popular game, if you’ve got a thorough knowledge of basic strategy and know-how to manage your bankroll, you stand a good chance of walking away with a considerable amount of the Online Casinos Singapore money.

Single-Zero Roulette

House Edge from 2.5%

If Craps is the quintessential Las vegas game, then Roulette is the prototypical one on the other side of the Atlantic! It evokes a sense of old-world glamour and mystery and has the highest possible edge for the player on the single-zero versions of the wheel. It’s the European and French variations which feature just the one green 0 pocket, so stick to these when you’re playing at online casinos.

The mathematics behind it is simple. Roulette pays 35:1 on Straight bets, but the numbers on the wheel climb up to 37. So the casino edge on the double-zero variation, or American version of the game, rises significantly when there are 38 numbers against the same 35:1 payout.

Three-Card Poker

House Edge from 1.5%

King High will see the dealer qualify and pay you out the highest possible returns, and if you’ve got a handle on basic Poker strategy, this three-card variation will be a breeze. We recommend playing Queen High, however, for the best chance of seeing your original stake returned.