The Best Casino Games To Keep At Home

The Best Casino Games To Keep At Home

When it comes to tabletop games, most people will think of games like Scrabble or Monopoly as these tend to be the kinds of games that people grew up with. There’s generally less of a focus on casino games, which are much more prolific at casinos. But these games can be a huge amount of fun when played both alone and with other people.

Most of these games are extremely well-suited to being played on a table, and for the most part do not need too many parts for them to be playable. Here we will look at some of the most popular casino games that make for great tabletop entertainment when having guests over.


The king of the card scene is poker, and for good reasons. With about a dozen variations and only a deck of cards needed in order to play, poker is a great game to play with others.

Some might want to take the experience even further and buy a special poker table that comes with playing cards, poker chips, as well as green felt with all the necessary aspects to make a game as close to professional as possible.


Second only to poker is blackjack, a game that doesn’t need anything more than a single deck of cards, although it’s becoming more popular to introduce two or sometimes more decks to make the experience even more exciting.

Blackjack is also unique in that it can be played just as easily between two people as it can between 6 or 8, so it’s always worth having that set of cards available. Like poker, it’s possible to buy blackjack tables that can be placed anywhere on a tabletop surface.


Roulette is different from most other casino games in that it’s not really possible to play it without special equipment, but for those with a passion for casino games, it’s definitely worth investing in the gear. A roulette table will be needed, which will have the necessary information to take the bets.

Along with that, a roulette wheel will be used at the end of the table, which is how the outcome of the bets are formed. Roulette tables are generally quite cheap, and can offer many hours of entertainment for guests, and are quick to pack away when it’s time to enjoy instead.


Another game that needs a fair amount of equipment to get working, bingo can mean an extremely fun evening between a group of people. Here, playing cards will be needed to start the game, where numbers will be sorted in lines.

It will be necessary to have a way to randomly pick numbers, and while a hat can work, it might be a better idea instead to invest in a small ball tumbler which can be easily found online. This will allow the announcer to sort out the numbers at random and ensure that everyone has a fair chance of getting a bingo, while also adding a sense of authenticity to the game.