How To Manage Your Bankroll Online

How To Manage Your Bankroll Online

While we all love to while away a few hours playing table games online or trying to beat the house, we don’t want to come away at the end of the day poorer. But when you’re caught up in the fun and action online, it is easy to let the excitement get the best of you, and spend more than you meant to.

So how exactly can you control your gambling spend online, let’s take a look at few methods:

Set Deposit And Loss Limits

All casino sites, should allow you to set your deposit, spend and loss limits. These limits help to control your spend prior to getting involved in any activities by determining exactly how much money you are prepared to spend, and, most importantly, loose.

In addition, deposit limits are mandatory in certain countries, with the aim being to reduce player spending and possible gambling related harm. In addition to weekly and monthly deposit limit, certain countries also have limits on the bonus offers that online casinos can offer.

Take A Time Out

When playing games or gambling online, its important to try and set limits for yourself. Limit your playing time to a certain period and if you feel like things are getting away from you then be sure to take a break.

In addition, online gambling companies need to offer players a time-out feature. You can use this feature if you want to stop your gambling activities for a short period of time. This will block access for anything from 24 hours to one week, one month or more. A maximum of six weeks is typically allowed, after which you will be unblocked and able to access the site again.

Manage Your Money

When gambling, be sure that you manage your money correctly. Despite what limits you have already set for yourself on operator sites, also be sure that you are aware of how much money you have in your account and how much you can afford to risk on gambling online. Try and avoid using different cards for gambling and using a credit card of facility to fund your online gambling. In fact, certain countries, such as the United Kingdom, do not allow credit cards to be used as a payment method on online gambling operators.

Explore Temporary Self-Exclusion Options

If you want to make sure that you are excluded from playing casino games online for a period of time, then you can opt to self-exclude yourself. All online table games and casino operators need to have a way that you can self-exclude yourself from these platforms. This will effectively bar you from being able to use the platform or register a new account.

In addition, many countries have a united self-exclusion platform. These platforms span all operators in the region and provide a space where players can effectively control problematic betting behaviour. Through a united self-exclusion platform, you are able to register to exclude yourself from all operators in one go, essentially putting a stop to all your gaming accounts on different operator channels. In addition, you should also not receive any further marketing materials from gambling operators. You may miss out on big bonuses this way, but there are sure to be rewards just as generous when you return!