Busting 6 Popular Blackjack Myths

Busting 6 Popular Blackjack Myths

Whether you enjoy playing blackjack online or at a brick and mortar casino, there are many players who subscribe to these popular blackjack myths – much to their detriment!

If you are hoping to enjoy blackjack success, the only way to ensure that is by following a proven blackjack strategy and one with little room for sentiments and false assumptions at that. Here are the 6 popular blackjack myths to avoid.

1. Assuming the Dealer has a 10

The idea that one that should always assume that the dealer has a 10 ‘in the hole’ (or a facedown card) is the safest way to bet on blackjack is a popular myth, but wholly incorrect.

There are 16 cards in a deck of 52 with the value of 10, which means that a card with a value of 10 will only appear once in every 3.25 cards dealt.

2. The Illegality of Card Counting

Successful card counting relies on the knowledge of the odds of certain combinations appearing and it’s certainly a brilliant, yet difficult to master, skill. While casinos certainly don’t appreciate card counters as it cuts down their house edge significantly, it is in fact not illegal.

Having said that, if you are adept at counting cards it’s a good idea to do so discreetly as to avoid being removed from the casino. Card counting isn’t cheating, it’s a skill.

3. Hot and Cold Streaks

Much like hot or cold real money online pokies, the idea of a hot and cold streak is a fallacy believed by many casino players, but in reality it simply does not exist.

All dealers play to the house rules and the likelihood of winning is down to chance. All you can do to increase your chances of success is employ a strategy which reduces the house edge.

4. Mirroring the Dealer

Many novice players believe that since the dealer has the best chance of winning that the best strategy is to copy them. However, it’s important to remember that the dealer has to follow the house rules dictating that they must hit until reaching 17 or more.

In adopting this approach, players often forget that the dealer has a better chance of winning as they go second – if the player busts, the dealer wins.

5. Bad Players Affect Your Game

You may end up at a table with a novice player who keeps hitting on high numbers in an attempt to hit 21 which may lead you to believe that they are ‘taking your cards’.

In this hypothetical situation, it’s just as likely that they are teeing up the exact card you need. Remember, you’re playing against the dealer so focus on that.

6. Never Go Bust

The conservative approach of never hitting on a hard 12 or more can at best reduce the house edge to just less than 4%, but players who know the odds can do even better.

Rather, get to know the game inside out and you won’t have to employ nonsense strategies.