5 Types of eSports Betting

5 Types of eSports Betting

We have all heard of eSports, but did you know that it is also a great betting option.  There are various types of bets and these include social, challenge, real money, skin and item betting as well as fantasy eSports.

5. Social Betting

Social betting is making bets with other people and is probably not a good idea.

The problem with social betting is that if you do not really know the individual you are making a bet with there is the possibility of the bet going bad and being scammed is a possibility.

Betting with friends is a better option, but also not the best thing to try.  It may lead to arguments and mixing money and friendships is never a good idea.

4. Challenge Betting

Challenge betting is usually done by skilled gamers, and here, they compete with one another directly for an agreed amount of money.

The amount that is bet can be done via an informal arrangement or by using a challenge site.

3. Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed odds is the type of betting that seems to be the most popular.  It is also an easier way to make money when betting on eSports.  Gamers have loads of fun and the rules of this betting option are not difficult.

Fixed odds betting in eSports is very similar to fixed odds sports betting and it involves making a wager on a team to be the overall winner of an eSports event.

2. Skin or Item Betting

Fixed odds betting seems to be the preferred method of betting and this is done using real money.  There is also skin or item betting which does not require any giving or receiving of real money.

Gamers can bet using things like virtual skins and other items from games like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).  Skin betting makes use of virtual items and are mostly cosmetic items which do not have a direct influence on the gameplay.

1. Fantasy eSports

Fantasy eSports are growing in popularity and could one day be as big as pokies online. This type of wagering has made a big change to the way eSports fans watch and enjoy eSports around the word.  It involves social contests where gamers compete against one another with the objective of winning real money.

These sites will usually ask gamers to pay an entry fee and can enjoy tournaments such as CSGO, League of Legends and Dota 2.

The participants will then choose a team of players who are featured on a schedule and will spend a certain amount of money according to a budget.  The more professional the player, the higher the cost.

The aim of the game is to choose a number of players within the budget that will accumulate the most points.  When the match or game is done the group who had the best players will share the money in the pool.  These entry fees are usually small, but can yield big cash winnings and other prizes.