5 Biggest eSports Games in 2019

5 Biggest eSports Games in 2019

In the world of sports betting, eSports hold a special place due to their ever-growing popularity. While many other sports around the world are starting to see a decline in their followings, eSports has remained at the top of the charts, with some countries, such as Australia, seeing most of the support for local sports turning to the online gaming scene.

And it’s a phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, with hundreds of millions of fans around the globe following a variety of different international tournaments. If you’re looking to start betting on eSports, and aren’t sure exactly where to start, these are the most popular and most profitable eSports scenes right now.

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is the granddaddy of all modern eSports, and while other games have since taken the mantle for most followed, Dota has retained a large portion of the market to the tune of millions.

Originally inspired by a mod that was created for Warcraft 3, the Dota series has changed the nature of online eSports in just about every way, and remains a formidable force in the market, with a thriving betting scene, not different from online slots real money Canada.

2. Call of Duty

Despite the many problems that Activision has been facing in recent months, such as breaking away from Bungie, their flagship game, Call of Duty, has remained a fan favourite, and international Call of Duty championships are still massively popular.

The COD circuit has been active for over 10 years, and shows no signs of slowing down, especially as the annual World Championships becomes more well-known, generating millions for those that manage to win the tournament.

3. Counter-Strike: Counter Offensive

Another first person shooter, Counter-Strike started out as a Half Life mod that has seen almost endless success since it was remade and released on Steam.

The game boasts a thriving eSports scene that has a prize pool estimated to be worth more than $60 million worldwide which is spread across the thousands of tournament that take place every year.

The most popular form of a match is the 5 vs 5 team format, which has a total of 35% of the audience on Twitch.

4. League of Legends

League of Legends is almost ten years old, and despite its age, it’s still one of the most popular multiplayer games around. More than 100 million players reportedly play the game every month, and it has a thriving eSports scene that has taken the world by storm.

It also hosts some of the most noteworthy tournaments in the world, with some of them actually broadcast on ESPN+, no small feat at all. Prize pool for the top players can often run into millions of dollars.

5. Overwatch

From the day it hit the market, Overwatch has been a brilliant example of how a well-advertised game can take off and change how competitive games work. This arena-based shooter offers over 500 tournaments a year, with a total prize pool of over $10 million.